IEP Forms

Forms are currently available in .pdf format. If you do not have the free Adobe PDF Reader, you can download it here: Adobe Make sure you download the correct version for your operating system.

If the link below has a * behind it, you will be able to type directly into the form on your computer. You can then save it, or even upload it into IIEP. If you are typing into the form, make sure you use Adobe Reader, and not Preview. Preview will let you type into the form, and save your work, but not reopen it for further editing.

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Some forms may be listed more than once if they fit under multiple categories to make them easier to locate.

Description Description

IEP Conference Forms

Notice of Case Conference (Blank)*

Consent to Excuse Participant

Notice of Implementation (Signature Page)

Medicaid Signature Page

Procedural Safeguards (scroll down slightly to find the NOPS in all languages)

CC Notes and Sign-in Sheet

CC Sign In Sheet only

NEW! TTS_Human Reader Guidance Form * (Download the form before filling in)

NEW!! Parent Notice Regarding Statewide Assessments [Spanish]

DOE Parent Survey / Spanish

Blank Non Transition IEP (for students not yet 14)*

Blank Transition IEP (for students 14 and older)

Transportation (Online form)

Street Lookup

Evacuation Plan

Health Plan

ESY Worksheet

Training Verification Form

Annual Case Conference Calendar

Present Level Shell (Word Document)

IEP Present Level and Goal Outline (Google Doc)

End of the Year IEP Revision *

(Use this form when an IEP for future dates has been finalized, and changes are needed to a current IEP)

Certificate Track

Course of Study Worksheet (Google Doc)

Community Transportation

Permission for Community

Swim Information Form

Swim Permission Form / Spanish

Transition Forms

Diploma Track Graduation Requirements / Spanish

Certificate of Completion Graduation Requirements

High School Graduation Quarterly Progress Report

Taking the Next Step Manual / Spanish Version

Transition Assessments

Job Shadow Agreement

Work Experience Agreement

Goodwill Program Permission Slip

Anticipated Services

INTERN Application

INTERN Agreement

So You are Going to be 18

Behavior Forms

Functional Behavior Assessment

Behavior Intervention Plan

FBA Student Interview

FBA Staff/Parent Interview [Spanish]

FBA Reinforement Survey 1

FBA Reinforcement Survey 2

Staffing Form (New! Google Docs Format)

BEST Protocol

Help! I have an MDC!

Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems

Thinking Skills Inventory

Tiered Behavioral Intervention Guidelines

Elopement Plan (Use BIP Form)

Attempt to contact parents for permission to conduct an FBA

Surveys and Questionnaires

Parent Questionnaire

Student Questionnaire

GE Teacher Questionnaire 1*

GE Teacher Questionnaire 2

GE Teacher Questionnaire 3

GE Teacher Questionnaire 4

GE Teacher Questionnaire 5*

GE Teacher Questionaire 6 (Google Doc)



Medical Referral for Homebound Instruction

Protocol for Homebound Instruction

Homebound Instruction Worksheet

Homebound Teacher Log

CEIS forms

CEIS for Success *

CEIS for Co Teaching *


Requesting accessible materials through Indiana's Center for Accessible Materials

ICAM Form 1 (Documenting need for materials)

ICAM Form 2 (Determination of Formats)

ICAM Form 3 (Yearly Materials Request Form)

ICAM Form 4 (Verification by Competent Authority)

Evaluation Forms

Initial Referrals:


Initial Referral Teacher *

Initial Referral Teacher-Print Version


SNAP Parent Referral Form

Referral Parent *

Referral Parent (PRINT only)

Parental Request for Evaluation

Parental Request for Reevaluation

Withdrawal of Request for Evaluation

Notice of Ineligibility

Notice of Evaluation Refusal *

Medicaid Letter to Physician

Medical Referral for OI, OHI, TBI

OT/PT Checklist

Cat Referral

Blind/Low Vision Medical Referral

Audiological Evaluation Report (for physicians)

ASD-DSM-5 Checklist

Speech Forms

Speech Referral Form

Parental Request for LSI Evaluation

Parental Request for LSI Re-evaluation*

Referral for Multidisciplinary Team LI

Referral for Multidisciplinary Team SI

Speech/Language Evaluation Template (Google Doc)

Social/Developmental History (for initials)

Social/Developmental History (Spanish for initials)

-For reevaluations, please use the Parent form

Hearing Screening Recommendations

Half Sheet (for initials and reevals, please use the Speech/Language Evaluation Tracking Form)

Enrollment Form *

Withdrawal Form

Permission / Release Forms

Enrollment Form *

Permission for New Enrollees *

Permission for Prescription Medication

Permission for Release of Publicly Identifiable Information

Confidentiality_Communication Agreement for Non-SBCSC Staff

FERPA-HIPPA - Authorization for Release of Medical and Education (In Spanish)

Permission for Termination due to Graduation

Withdrawal Form

Miscellaneous Forms

Move-In Review Checklist

Appointment of Educational Surrogate Parent

Educational Surrogate Parent Request

Certificate of Incapacity*

IREAD 3 Exemption Form

Co-Teaching Forms

PowerPoint from August 18, 19 workshop

Handout from August 18.19 workshop

Planning for Co-Teaching a Unit of Study

Co-Teaching Approach: Teaching and Observing

Co-Teaching Approach: Station Teaching

Co-Teaching Approach: Parallel Teaching

Co-Teaching Approach: Alternative Teaching

Co-Teaching Approach: Teaming

Co-Teaching Approach: Teaching and Assisting

Teacher Forms

First Quarter Checklist

Second Quarter Checklist

Third Quarter Checklist

Fourth Quarter Checklist

Staffing Form (New! Google Docs Format)

GE Teacher Progress Check

Teacher of Record Letter to Teachers

Teacher of Record Letter to Parents (Spanish)

Teacher of Record Change Request

Consultation Notes (MS Word format)

IEP Appointment Log

Classroom Observation

Classroom Observation Components

Data Recording Sheets:

Data Sheet 1

IEP Goal Sheet 1

Data Sheet 2

IEP Goal Sheet 2

Data Sheet 3

IEP Goal Sheet 3

Data Sheet 4

IEP Goal Sheet 4


Data Behavior 4

GE Teacher Feedback Sheet


Task Analysis Recording Sheet

Time Sampling Recording Sheet

Permanent Product Recording Sheet

Time on Task Recording Sheet

Data Behavior 2

Interval Recording /

Scatterplot Sheet

Data Behavior 3

Event Recording /

Frequency Sheet

Duration Recording Sheet


Latency Recording Sheet


Daily Event Recording for Multiple Students

ABC Data Checklist