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Indiana's Alternate Measure (I AM)

Grades 3-8, 10: English/Language Arts, Mathematics

Grades 4, 6, 10: Science

Grades 5, 7: Social Studies

The I AMassessment is a test requiring student interaction with test items for all content areas, rather than a teacher rating tool.

  • I AM will be administered online. Teachers administering the assessment will need to have the secure browser installed on their computers. Once installed, students will sign in with a unique ID code that teachers will receive.
    • The secure browser will be automatically updated on all SBCSC computers.
  • Administered one-on-one with the student
I AM testing window will be April 8 to May 10.

Note: SBCSC has advanced the ending dates to allow time for final checks before the test window closes.

Preview IAM test items

Although the IAM site is not yet ready for prime time, you can begin looking at the test items for your students, and get an idea of what the testing process will be.

Released Items Repository Site will allow you to complete some of the sample items of the IAM tesing.

  • Make sure the Guest User and Guest session are both ON, and click Sign In.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom past the ILEARN questions to the IAM section.
  • Here is a guide to help you try out the practice test. (you will only be able to use the process described on the first 5 pages at this point.)

Indiana Alternate Measure Home Page

Understanding Indiana’s New Alternate Assessment [PPTX]

I AM Teacher Brochure

I AM Parent Brochure