Building Educational Skills Together

The South Bend Community School Corporation Special Education Services designed the Building Educational Skills Together Program (BEST) to meet the needs of Emotionally Disabled students whose behavior issues require more intensive intervention than can be provided in the general education setting with special education resources and support. BEST classrooms are self contained with academic subjects taught by the BEST teacher and supervision and support in the General Education setting for Art, Music, PE, etc. by para professionals. The focus of the BEST Program is to prepare the students to return to the General Education setting by teaching pro-social skills and using a behavior management and training system that allows each student to progressively demonstrate readiness for academic and behavioral success in less structured settings.

The BEST program is based classroom management system that allows for more privileges earned as more pro-social behavior is demonstrated.  The students are aware of the clearly stated criteria for increased privileges.  Progress is documented daily and reported to parents on each student.  Students are taught rules and routines that will allow them to be successful in the general education setting.  Students are taught calm down strategies, problem solving skills, and other pro-social skills as needed. Each student has an individual behavior intervention plan which is reviewed at least annually and revised as needed. The teacher and Special Education Social Worker meet regularly to review patterns of behavior and to modify planned interventions.

BEST programs are located at Nuner and Harrison Primary Centers.

Protocol for Placement in BEST program