Icons for the Evaluation Process:

Click each icon below to go the help page, or use the blue drop down menu above under IEP Process. (On most screens, these icons are found at the bottom of the window.)

Create the MD Team

Select the people who will participate in the evaluation process.

Assign MD Team Roles

Assign roles to the people on the MD Team. Some will need to be assigned based on the area of suspected disability.

Parental Consent

Document receipt of parent consent, set the deadline for completion of the evaluation, connect any communications to the consent of the parent.

Existing Data

This section contains 5 text boxes. You will find these same text boxes in the Preconference Planning, the Evaluation Process, and the IEP Process. They will all have the same information: Present levels, strengths, parent concerns and response to intervention. This is also where you note the evaluation decision.

Assessment Data

Upload external documents, enter information about each evaluation completed (including start and end dates), enter your summary and recommendations, generate the Educational Evaluation Report.

Notice of Initial Finding

Only needed for an Initial, or Inital following lack of progress.