Determining Eligibility for Accessible Materials

accessible materials

You will answer the question for Accessible Materials under Provisions.

When you consider this question, you must make sure that the student is eligible to receive Accessible Materials.

Which students qualify?

Who is a Competent Authority?


If you answer YES to Accessible Materials on the IEP, download and fill out NIMAS/ICAM Form #1 and NIMAS/ICAM Form #2. NIMAS/ICAM Form #4 should be given to the parents if a doctor's signature is required. (Forms found below)

These forms must be filled out and sent to the Special Ed Office. They will keep documentation on which students are eligible to receive special-format materials. Make a copy of each form and attach to the current IEP.

Form #2 must be filled out each year when requesting special-format materials.

Requesting Accessible Materials

After students have been certified to receive specialized-format materials, you must make specific requests for each item needed. NIMAS/ICAM Form #3 has a grid that will help you specify the needed information to obtain the specialized formats.

Fill out the form as completely as possible, and send downtown to the Special Ed office.

General Information and Resources:

NIMAS stands for National Instructional Media Accessibility Standards. You can read more about NIMAS at the CAST Website.

ICAM stands for Indiana Center for Accessible Materials. You can read more about ICAM at the ICAM Website.

Who Qualifies for Specialized-Format Instructional Materials Created from NIMAS Source Files?

National Library Service Fact sheet

Other sites for Accessible Media:


NIMAS Form 1: Special Consideration Factor - Need for Accessible Materials (AEM) / Chafee Qualification

[Fillable] [Printable]

NIMAS Form 2: Determination of Accessible Formats

[Fillable] [Printable]

NIMAS Form 3A: Add/Update Student Data

[Fillable] [Printable]

NIMAS Form 3B: Textbook and Supplemental Reading Request Form

[Fillable] [Printable]

NIMAS Form 3C: IERC Equipment Request Form

[Fillable] [Printable]

NIMAS Form 4: Eligibility and Certification for Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

[Fillable] [Printable]