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Enter the anticipated date of high school graduation. You can just use 6/1/20** and calculate the years until the student will be graduating.


Daily Accommodations

This section was added during the 2019-20 school year, you will see the following graphic:

Daily Accommodations

Add Daily AccommodationsClick "Add Daily Accommodations". You may select from the list presented.

  • Please make sure that the accommodations you select correlate to the accommodations listed in the present level, and are appropriate for the needs you identified in the present level and goals.

  • Limit your choices to those absolutely necessary for the student's success. Accommodations listed must be those executed on a regular basis in the classroom. You are, of course, not limited to these accommodations.
  • Accommodations checked here will affect the accommodations which are displayed for testing. For instance, if you do NOT check


When you are done, click "Save and Continue"


Now you have the options to describe additional accommodations that were not included on the list above. This section was previously on the Provisions Page, but has been moved here so that all accommodations can be identified at the same time.

Additional Accommodations

Describe Accommodations

  • Note whether there is a Health Plan, or Evacuation Plan. These plans must be attached to every copy of the IEP. In addition, please upload these plans into the IIEP in the Documents section so they will be available to any future teachers. Remember that these uploads will not print with the IEP. You should print them separately and attach them to the IEP. However, including information in the Accommodations box will ensure that the information will print with the IEP at a Glance, making it easier to distribute to other school staff.

    • Please include this wording in the bold-faced type at the top of the accommodations box: XXX has a health plan/evacuation plan as part of his/her IEP. Please refer to his/her individual health plan or evacuation plan for the specific procedures you are expected to follow to ensure student safety.

  • Anything that changes the curriculum or the grading system for a specific student is considered a modification, and not an accommodation, and is NOT ALLOWED for students who are on a diploma track.
    • Examples include:
      • Retaking tests
      • Excusing students from certain assignments (shortening assignments is allowed)

State Testing Option

State Testing Option

If your student is in SNAP or Kindergarten

State Assessment (Diploma) options:

Select the testing options for the student's grade level. Make a selction for ALL options presented, even if not the current grade level.


End of Course Assessments

Select Accommodations:

If you have indicated that the student will take the assessment with accommodations, you will now review the accommodatoins you selected earlier. You may also add other accommodations if they are to be used only for testing.

When you are done, you will see a summary of the selected Accommodations:

Assessment Accommodations

Alternate Assessment

If you are considering moving a student to the Alternate Assessment:

When selecting the Alternate Assessment, the following box will appear:

Criteria for Alternate Assessment

If you can answer Yes to each of the Alternate Assessment options, you will then be presented with the following three questions. You must check each box in order to acknowledge that these conditions have been met.

Alternate Assessment Conditions

Alternate Assessment options:



LEP Options:

LEP Options

If the student needs accommodations for State Assessments, you should also select the same accommodations here.

All students who take the Alternate Assessment will participate in the Alternate Limited English Proficiency Exam with accommodations.

Select the appropriate accommodations from the menu.

LEP Accommodations

Select the appropriate accommodations from the menu.


Provide a clear explanation of why the chosen assessment is appropriate for the student and inform the parent that the student’s performance will not be measured against grade level standards for the alternate assessment.

State Assessment, ISTEP+, or ECA SCORES GO HERE!

Each year, add new testing scores with the date, but do not remove older scores. This will help the case conference committee to compare scores year to year and observe patterns in the student's rate of progress.You can separate testing information by year with a row of stars (********) to make the IEP more readable.


Here are some possible things to include for Rationale:

State WHICH ASSESSMENT THE STUDENT WILL TAKE. Cut, paste, and modify to describe what the student is actually taking.

State Assessment

If student will be taking the State Assessment, here is some sample language that may be helpful:

  • ____________ is on a diploma track, and will be taking the State Assessment in Reading/Language Arts, Math.

Alternate Assessment

The following script may be used in the Rationale text box when identifying a student for Alternate Assessment:

  • _____________is a student who meets the criteria for the Alternate Assessment. Goals and instruction listed in the IEP are linked to grade level standards and address knowledge and skills that are appropriate and challenging.


If the student will be taking IREAD-3, here is some sample language that may be helpful:

  • _____________ will participate in the IREAD-3 state assessment with the accommodations and modifications detailed in the IEP. 

IREAD 3 information can be found on the DOE website. This link includes the IREAD-3 Item Sampler

Note to teachers:  Prior to obtaining the results of the IREAD-3, the case conference committee may not determine a course of action based on the supposition that the student will not pass the test.  We cannot anticipate failure.  In other words, we cannot make decisions regarding retention, remediation, retesting, or promotion before the student takes the test.  Once results are in, the case conference committee may need to be reconvened to consider these questions.

If the IEP committee makes the decision that a student should be exempted from retention in spite of failure to pass IREAD 3, that decision should be recorded in the Additional Descriptors under the LRE section.

Participation in other testing

Participation in Other testing

You may find the statement below helpful for students who are served in General Education:

  • (Student) will participate in the same assessment schedule as their non-disabled peers with their allowable accommodations.

For students who will be taking the Alternate Assessment:

  • (Student) is taking the Alternate Assessment, and is exempted from other school and state assessments.

9/18/2020 If you are getting this error message when finalizing your IEP:

    • Clear previous Participation Area selections prior to selecting a new State Testing Option
    • You must review the assessment accommodations

    Here is an instructional video on how to clear the fields.