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You may see messages at the top of the screen as reminders before you finalize the iEP.


The dates of the IEP will be listed at the top of the page. These dates are entered in the Schedule Case Conference meeting section, and can only be changed there. (Changing these dates may require changing dates for goals and services also)CC Meeting



Rejecting FAPE

If the student is in a non-public school, or is home-schooled, parents will reject FAPE, and you must do a Service Plan for the student.

  1. Mark the box to reject FAPE "Yes"
  2. Finalize the IEP
  3. DO NOT ACCEPT THE IEP when you click the Response button.
    1. If you accept, then your information will not be carried over into the ISP
    2. You will also not be able to use the Progress Monitoring for your goals.
  4. Reject the IEP throught the Response button. Follow the instructions to develop and print a Service Plan for the student. Almost all of your information will carry over.

Reevaluation Decision

retesting decision

If you or any other school personnel feel that it is in the student's best interest to be reevaluated, please contact the psychologist, SLP or related service personnel (OT, PT, CAT) BEFORE the conference to discuss your concerns and collaborate on whether new testing is indicated.

Teacher/School Request for a Psycho-educational Reevaluation as part of an IEP conference

Requests for reevaluation from the school may be made at any time, and do not require a case conference at the time of the referral.

  1. If the school (administrator, GE teacher) wants to request a reevaluation, notify your school psychologist immediately..
  2. If it is determined that testing is appropriate, the psychologist will prepare the Notice of Reevaluation for you to present to the parents.
  3. At the case conference, if the parent is in agreement, give them the appropriate forms to fill out and return. They should also sign the Notice of Reevaluation and leave it with you. (This starts the timeline for the completion of the evaluation.)
  4. Give all completed forms to the school psychologist immediately after permission has been granted by the parents, since the timeline for testing has begun.

Reevaluation needs to be addressed at every annual conference. As such, you should go into the conference with your professional recommendation regarding the reevaluation review, and present it to the rest of the committee. This is particularly important when the committee feels that the student's current disability is incorrect, or if another disability is suspected. The potential impact of testing decisons should be discussed, such as change in services and/or the possibility that a student may be found inelligible.

If the sole purpose of the request is to gather additional achievement information, it would be appropriate to look at Acuity, MClass, SRI and ISTEP, IMAST and ISTAR information that is currently available, in lieu of conducting a format evaluation.

If a reevaluation is being requested at the case conference, it is the responsibility of the TOR to inform whoever will be conducting the evaluation (i.e., speech therapist, psychologist, OT, PT, CAT) immediately following the case conference by email.

If an evaluation is currently in progress, or if this is a conference to discuss evaluation results, select "There is no need for reevaluation information".

More information about Reevaluation Procedures can be found in the Procedure Manual
Evaluation/Reevaluation forms can be found on the IEP Forms page.
Parent Request for a Psycho-educational Reevaluation as part of an IEP conference
Please make every effort to complete this process in a timely manner. Testing decisions are subject to strict timelines.
  1. Do not enter the evaluation request in the IEP, but record the request in the notes of the IEP.
  2. Document the parent's reasons for requesting a reevaluation at this time.
  3. Notify the school psychologist immediately. If they are not present in the building, send them an email, because they will need to respond to the request with their decision whether to test or not within 10 school days.
  4. The School Psych will give the parents and the teacher the appropriate referral form. You can send it home with the parent, but the information is needed by the psychologist as soon as possible. (Forms can be downloaded and emailed to the parent)
  5. You can finalize the IEP. The psychologist will go in later and enter their decision for testing using the referral process.

Continuation of CCC Meeting

You may leave these boxes blank.

Only use these boxes when a conference has been convened but not completed. For example: you hold a case conference but do not complete it because more information is needed to make a decision.

Dates do not print out on the IEP.

Allows you to meet the IEP timelines, even if you are unable to complete and finalize the IEP within the required time period. You will see a green M instead of the green checkmark on your caseload list.

Reconvene IEP Dates

CCC Meeting attendees

CC Attendees


Language Translation

If you need to have the forms created in another language, you will see the option to translate into another language. In order to have this option, the student must be designated as bilingual in PowerSchool. When your documents are created, you will get one document with forms in English, followed by the same forms with your translation.

New this year, the IIEP system is able to translate the complete IEP, including your entries into text boxes, into the designated language. Yipee!


Deadline for Parent to receive documentation

A copy of the proposed IEP MUST be sent to the parent within 10 days after the conference has concluded. Enter the date the document was given to the parent.

Parent Deadline

Create a Draft or a Final IEPCreate IEP Button

Create a draft to see what the whole IEP looks like

  • "Draft" watermark will appear on each page.
  • Each draft you create supercedes any previously created drafts.
  • If you modify information in the IEP, you must re-create the draft to view your changes.
  • After 30 days, your Draft will disappear, but no information will disappear from the IIEP system.

Parent Survey

Parents should be given a copy of the Parent Survey Letter (Spanish) at each Annual IEP.

Parent Survey

Note the date that you gave the parents a copy of the proposed/Draft IEP.

Parent Receipt of Documents

Viewing/Printing your IEP (Draft and Final)

When you generate documents in the IIEP, they will appear as links on the page.

  1. If you are on the Create IEP page, click the box to create either the Draft or the Final IEP.
  2. You will see the screen flash, and then you will be returned to the top of the page.
  3. Now, scroll back down to the place where you clicked to create the document, and you will see a link for your new document. Click this link to download and print your document.

Generate Draft Copy

Submitting the IEP

After the final IEP is created, and the conference has been held:

What happens after I finalize?

After an IEP is finalized, no data is cleared out of the workspace.  Data can be reset or cleared when the user goes back to the IEP Process and selects a new Meeting Purpose.

When you check the box off and save, at midnight the data listed below will clear.

  • If Annual is selected as a purpose:
    • Clear out meeting dates on Schedule CCC Meeting Info Page
    • Clear out IEP begin date and end date
    • Clear out Invitees from CCC Meeting info Page
    • Clear out all green check marks
    • Clear out all dates for goals and services
      • Add ROC that dates must be within IEP dates
    • On transition page clear out the text box labeled “Document the review / discussion that occurred to determine that the goals listed above are appropriate and measurable”
    • Clear all notes
  • If Revise IEP or Revision without Parent Present is selected as a purpose:
    • Clear out meeting dates on Schedule CCC Meeting Info Page
    • Clear out IEP begin date
    • Clear out all green check marks

You will NOT lose information you have entered into fields in the IEP except the dates listed above.