Create a list of all IEP team members who have access to IIEP.

This includes other special ed teachers, psychologists, SLPs,therapists, support team members and special ed administrators.Create the CCC Team

When you click Select Team, you will be presented with a list of all individuals who have access to the school the student attends.

Put a check in front of the names of any individuals who should be invited to the IEP and/or have access to the student's online IEP.

If you need to include a teacher or therapist from another school who is not on the list (for example, a receiving teacher from another school), you must ask them to join your school community before you can include them on the team.

Joining a community

If you want to add administrators, GE teachers, other family members or outside personnel, you will have to go back to the Parent Info section and add them there. Those members will not show on this list, but will be included on the dropdown list when you generate the Notice of Case Conference.