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This tab creates additional IEP documents that you may need. It also provides you with a way to add any documents into the student's record. Some of these documents will be auto-generated as needed, but may be manually created at any time here.

Some of the documents that you may regularly need are:

  • IEP/ISP at a Glance
    • Includes an overview of the IEP, including goals, accommodations and Behavior Support Plan
  • You will also find most of the forms you need as TOR at this link: SBCSC IEP Forms
  • Please use the "Upload External Documents" button to upload any pertinent information into the student's record. Please give your uploaded document a descriptive title.
    • External evaluations
    • Doctor reports


IEP/ISP At a Glance

The IEP at a Glance is a nice way to distribute IEP information to general ed teachers and other staff who work with the student. The IEP at a Glance is a simplified version of the IEP, usually consisting of 2-5 pages. The IEP at a Glance consists of:

  • Student's Disability
  • IEP Initiation Date
  • Student's services (including the transition services)
  • Related services
  • Goals
  • Accommodations
  • Behavior Support Plan (if there is one)

Create Final DocumentTo create the IEP/ISP at a Glance, click the option in the Documents section, and then click Create Final Document. You will be asked to confirm your choice to create the document, and then be presented with a link to view your document.

When you click the link to view the IEP at a Glance, you can then download the document to your computer. After downloading, you may attach the document to an email to send to all staff as a way of documenting that you have distributed the IEP to everyone who works with the student.

Downloading the full IEP:

When the IEP is finalized and accepted by the parent, it will appear in the Documents list. The last page generated for the IEP (the parent signature page) has a bar code on the bottom that will link any additional pages generated at the case conference. After the IEP is held, and all the paperwork is sent downtown, it is faxed to the state server using the bar code. When this is completed, you will see the link (Fax) in the EasyFax column. Clicking on this link will download all the additional paperwork (i.e.notes taken at the conference, documents contributed by parents, sign-in sheets, etc) so that you will have access to the full paperwork for the IEP conference.

  • Items in the Document column are links to download the document to your computer.
  • Items in the EasyFax column include any attachments to the items in the Document column. In the example below, the Fax link will contain any handwritten notes, signature pages, transition assessments and any other papers generated at the case conference.

A blue envelope in the first column means that you have not indicated whether or not the parent accepts the IEP. Until this has been satisfied, you will not get a green checkmark, and you will not be able to do Progress Monitoring on Goals.


After 30 days, Draft documents will disappear from the system. No information in IIEP is lost, however the draft will disappear. You must finalize your IEP in order for a legal IEP document to be generated.

Adding documents to the IIEP system

Add any important documents to the student's record using the Documents section. Click the Upload External Documents button.

The dialog box will ask you to find the file in the same way you attach a file to an email. Click Choose File, and locate the file on your computer.

Don't have the file on your computer? You can scan any documents using the RICCOH copy machines, and have the digital file emailed to yourself. Call Lu (574-830-4429) if you need instructions on how to do this.

Documents that should be uploaded:

  • FBA/BIPs
  • Health plans
  • Evacuation plans
  • Elopement/Safety plans
  • Pertinent letters from doctors or outside providers
  • Outside evaluations
  • IEPs received from previous schools