All notes entered on each section of the IEP can be reviewed here.

For Annual CCs, ALL notes from previous conferences should be deleted.

When revising an IEP (with or without a meeting) or holding an MDC, you may add the notes to existing notes, but be sure to label and date your additions.

All of the text boxes on the Review Notes page are combined into one narrative which prints out at the end of the IEP. Do not add notes to each page as you are completing the IEP. When you do, they are all combined into your IEP meeting notes with no delineation, ending up in a jumble.

Since all teachers have laptops now, notes at a case conference should be taken on a computer.

Here are some suggestions for taking notes on your laptop:

If you take notes at the conference on a computer or laptop, you may copy and paste those notes into the top (General Notes) text box. It is not recommended that you type directly into IIEP Notes section during the conference. Catastrophic events have occurred, such as: loss of internet access, batteries dying on laptops, files getting accidentally deleted. All of these result in tears and frustration. After copying/pasting your notes into IIEP, it is recommended to save and keep your original document for a period of time, to be sure nothing gets lost before finalization.

If you are taking notes by hand, you may download a form here. Be sure to include any notes from the conference with the IEP when you turn in your final IEP, so they will be scanned into the IIEP system.

Review Notes