Use this section when parents are revoking consent for services. This means that a parent is saying they no longer give permission for their student to recieve special education services, and/or they do not want their student to have an IEP or a disability label.

This is not the same as a parent rejecting FAPE.

Revoking Consent

If parents are revoking consent, you can fill in the boxes and generate the Notice of Discontinuation of Special Ed Services

  • Go directly to the Revocation Tab. You will not be generating an IEP at this point.
    • If the parent revokes consent at a case conference, do not finalize the IEP.
    • If you have already created a new IEP when a parent decides to revoke consent, contact your support team to help you remove the IEP and eligibility event.
  • The Date Parent Revoked Consent must be within the Effective Dates of the IEP. (On or after the Beginning Date of the IEP)
  • Finalize the form and have the parent sign.
  • Fill out a Withdrawal Form. Check "Other" and say "Parent revokes consent".
  • Send the form downtown along with your notes from your meeting.
  • If the Revocation took place at a case conference, include the Notice of Case conference and the sign-in sheet.
  • You will NOT finalize an IEP.
  • The student will now have a "white" checkmark in IIEP, and you may remove them from your caseload.

If you have selected Save and Continue on the Create IEP tab, you will be taken to this tab.

  • Do not panic if you see a red X on the menubar for this section even if parents are NOT revoking services. You can just ignore it, and you will still be able to finalize your IEP.

Make sure you document converstation at the conference that shows discussion on the following points:

Discontinuation of Services

Revocation of Services