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Before you complete this section, make sure you have updated the Parent Information page. Parent Names and addresses will now appear on the Notice of Case Conference.

Case Conference Meeting Dateschedule meeting

Set the date of the conference. In the example to the right, this student has an evaluation pending, so there is a reminder for the conference deadline.

Date Document Sent to Parent should be 10 days before the meeting. The parent may agree to waive the 10 day requirement. Document any agreement to waive these requirements in the Communication section.

IEP Dates

iep dates

IEP Begin and End date fields must be entered here so that they will copy through to the Provisions and Goals. When you create a new goal or service, these dates will automatically be entered. If you enter any dates that are not within this time span, you will get an error message. Also, you cannot create any IEP with a duration longer than 365 days.

Use the LAST day of the student's birth month for the beginning and ending dates of the IEP.

  • If the birth month is March, use 3/31/2017-->3/31/2018.
  • If the student's birthday is in May, June, July or August, use the FIRST day of July (example: 7/1/2017--> 7/1/2018) This is to prevent having to hold IEPs for students in the first two weeks of the new school year and to accommodate ESY dates.

For Initial, Move in and Manifestation Determination Conferences:

  • The effective dates will be from the date of the conference until the end of the birth month.
    • If the Initial, Move in or MDC conference is within a month of the student's birth month, you may count this conference as both an initial/Move In/ MDC, and annual, with the parent permission.
      • Finalize the MDC/Initial/Move In with the aforementioned effective dates.
      • Finalize the Annual IEP with effective dates of the last day of the birth month this year to the end of the birth month next year. You will need to change the dates for all goals and services.
      • Use the same sign in page, notes and signatures for each IEP.
      • Send both IEPs downtown and distribute to all parties.

Would you like to invite a Transition Representative?

If Transition is selected as a meeting purpose the Transition Services Agency Representative line on the Schedule CCC Meeting page will appear only if the response to this question is Yes.

Invited Individuals

invited individuals



Explanation of Excusal Options:

If you need to excuse one of the participants, such as the GE teacher, you can select the correct option for why they are not needed. The option you select will be printed on the Notice of Case Conference for the parent to sign. Permission to excuse a participant should be given prior to the conference. However, it also may be given at the conference. Document the excusal in the conference notes.

requesting excusal




Generate the Notice of Case Conference

After you generate the Notice of Case Conference, you can click the link under Document Type to view and print the document.

Finalizing the Notice of CC will generate a notification email to any special ed staff with an IIEP account who are listed in the Notice. The email will not contain any identifying information, but will direct the recipient to the IIEP program.  Since the email does not contain conference specifics, it is your responsibilty to email the participants or place a written notice in their school mail box at least 1 week prior to the conference.

Notice of CC

Parent Contacts

You can attach Parent Contacts for the meeting by checking which ones pertain. If you want to add more, click the link to Add Parent Contacts. These contacts will not print out anywhere.

Add Parent Contact




Please finalize the Notice far enough in advance to allow all members to plan accordingly.

Note that finalizing the Notice of CC will generate email to any special ed staff with an IIEP account. The email will not contain any identifying information, but will direct the recipient to the IIEP program.