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How to write an Exit IEP

Summary of Performance must be completed for students when:

Summary of Performance

Completing the Summary of Performance

If a Summary of Performance will be written, you will be asked to confirm the student's contact information. Most of the Summary will be populated by information you have entered elsewhere. There are two boxes that will require input from you.

contact info

The information presented is taken from Existing Data and Accommodations. If you need to change it, you will go to those sections to edit or revise the information.

What Works for Me

The next two boxes are self-explanatory, but should include any information that service providers, college student services and employers could use to serve the student. Teachers are encouraged to get the student's input in filling in these fields.

What Works for Me

Sample language:

  • Xxx would benefit from continuing to receive the accommodations that have proven to be effective for him/her if he/she transitions into the post-secondary learning environment.
  • He/she would benefit from consulting with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to see what (if any) services may be available to support him/her to be successful in his/her post-secondary pursuits.

Update Contact Info

You must check the box to verify that you have updated the contact information before you will be able to finalize the IEP.

Create Final Report

Summary of Performance Report

Indicator 14

Next, you need to print out the Indicator 14 Notice and send it home. This is just a reminder to the student that the state will contact them to complete a survey one year after they exit.

Indicator 14





When you are finished, you can create your Summary of Performance. This finalized report will contain:

  1. The student's Post Secondary Goals
  2. Anticipated Date of Graduation
  3. Present Levels
  4. Recommendations to Assist in Meeting Post-Secondary Goals (from the two boxes you filled out on the Summary of Performance section)

The Summary of Performance will print out with the IEP, or you can print it from the Documents section.