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Caseload Setup Wizard

You will use the Caseload setup wizard to:

Once you get in, look for the small gray menu at the top of the screen:graymenu

Click on Wizards.

Click on Caseload Setup Wizard.wizardsSelect Students


Find a list of students by selecting your school from the dropdown menu, then click Special Ed or IEP to show all students at your school who have IEPs.

  • You may enter a student's name to find a specific person
  • If you cannot find your students, ask a member of your support team. The student may be incorrectly located at a different school, or you may not have permission to view the students in a particular school (community). See directions below for getting permission to join another school (community)


Add or remove students

add students to caseload


To add students to your caseload, check the box under the Current Teacher of Record or Team Member column.

If you are not TOR, but contribute to an IEP for a student, click under the Team Member column


To remove students, simply uncheck the box in front of the student's name. When you click Update the Database, the student will be removed from your list.

To view your caseload:

    1. Student Caseload

      Click Students (on the top green bar)

    2. Click View Caseload

    3. Click each student's name to view IEP records.
    4. Click here to find out what the little symbols in front of each name mean, or click the little CP at the top of the first column.

Joining a Community

Enrollment/Move-In/Transfer Students

Enrollment Procedures


When students move into a SCSC school from another district or state, a conference must be held within 10 days. This includes students who are returning from a charter school or residential placement.

Adding students to the IIEP Database in a two step process.

Step 1--Adding the student to your caseload

  • The student's name, DOB, address, etc is entered into PowerSchool when the student enrolls or transfers. This information is then synchronized with the IIEP database through a report that is updated one time a week (sometimes oftener). This does NOT include the student's eligibility.

  • You need to make sure that your student is listed correctly in PowerSchool (correct school, correct DOB, etc.) If there is an error in this information, please ask your school to correct it.

    1. If the student recently transferred from another school:

      1. Check to make sure they are listed in the correct school in PowerSchool. If not, tell your school to make the change.

      2. If the student is newly enrolled, you may have to wait a few days for him/her to show up.

    2. Do you have access to the school at which the student is enrolled?

      1. You will gain access to the schools you need, by joining each school "community" through the Learning Connection.

      2. You will only see students in the schools where you are a member.

      3. See instructions above to add a school to your list of communities.

    3. If you need immediate access to a student, contact a support team member. They can give you day by day access to schools. (Your access will go away each evening unless you join that school community through the Learning Connection)

Step 2--Adding the eligibility and the IEP from the previous / non public school.

  • If the student attended an Indiana school that is currently using the IIEP system, the IEP can be transferred to the SBCSC database, but only after it is requested.

    1. Send the Enrollment form to the Special Education office as soon as possible. They will send an email to the previous school and ask them to transfer the student's record in IIEP to us. This process is dependent on the previous school staff, but generally is done the same day.

    2. Your support team member can add the student's current eligibility. You will need to give them the primary and secondary eligibilities when they have been confirmed, and also the date of the student's last IEP.

    3. DO NOT begin entering information into the IEP if you are requesting the IEP from another Indiana school. When the IEP is received, it will overwrite anything currently in the student's record, so anything you enter will be lost.
  • If the student is not in IIEP because they are enrolled in a nonpulbic school, send the Enrollment form to the Special Education office as soon as possible.