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There are three ways to get to Student view:

1. Click Students on the green bar.

grey bar

2. Click Students on the light blue navigation bar:

blue navigation bar

select students

Either way, you come to this layout. This gives you LOT of options for finding students. You will only be able to find students assigned to schools where you have access.

Gaining access to other schools

You can NOT add students to your caseload by clicking Students. To add students, use the Caseload Setup Wizard.

Most of the time, you will click View My Caseload at the bottom of the window, and this will take you to your TOR list.

To view all the students at your school with IEPs:

  1. Click the All Schools drop down menu and select the school.
  2. Check the box for IEP.
  3. Click View Students.

3. From the MAIN MENU screen, scroll down to My Schools. You will see a list of your current student caseload, along with your compliance for IEP completion. (The teacher below is REALLY out of compliance, and will be getting a letter very soon!)


At the resulting list, you can click on the name of the student you wish to view.

(The first column is a compliance indicator)

student list