This area should ONLY be used by psychs, SLPs, OTs, CAT or others conducting or planning to conduct an evaluation.

TORs should not use this tab.

Icons for the PreConference Process:

Click each icon below to go the help page, or use the blue drop down menu above under IEP Process. (On most screens, these icons are found at the bottom of the window.)

Type of Evaluation

Define which type of evaluation will be conducted (inital, reevaluation, move-in, etc.) Begins the timeline to complete the eval.

Existing Data

This section contains 5 text boxes. You will find these same text boxes in the Preconference Planning, the Evaluation Process, and the IEP Process. They will all have the same information: Present levels, strengths, parent concerns and response to intervention. This is also where you note the re-evaluation decision.

Referral Decision

Make and defend the referral decision. This is also where the Notice of Evaluation Refusal will be generated. Enter the date of Inital Eligibility here.

Eligibility Categories and Assessments

Select the area(s) of suspected disability, and which assessments will be administered. Notices of Re-evaluation are generated, and, when faxed in, receipt of signatures is documented and dated.