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TORs should not use this tab.

Type of Evaluation

The Type of Evaluation drives the Timeline

Type of Evaluation

Used when

Timeline for the evaluation to be completed, and the case conference held

Initial Evaluation

Student who is not already eligible for Special Education services. (Even if they only receive Speech, you would not do an Initial.)

50 school days

Reevaluation: Reestablish eligibility

If you question the student's current eligibility (think it is no longer appropriate) and don't suspect another disability

Completed and reviewed at the next annual case conference

Reevaluation: Determine that the student is eligible under a different or additional eligibility category

Use this option if you suspect:

  1. a change from one disability to another
  2. an additional disability

50 school days

Reevaluation: Inform the student's case conference committee of the student's related service needs, such as the student's need for assistive technology or a related service. 

If there is additional information needed (not related to eligibility) to plan for the student

Use for OT, PT, CAT eval

50 school days

Initial following lack of progress in Response to Interventions

Implies that the school has fully implemented RTI

20 school days

Expedited Evaluation

If a student is suspected of having a disability and is recommended for expulsion. (This is not used very often)

20 school days


If you select Move in:

When you enter the enrollment date, the 10 day timeline begins. When it tells you to contact a District Administrator, call your Support Team.





Forms and enrolment procedures for a student who is a Move-in can be found on this page: Student Enrollment Protocol.

If you run into problems with dates entered incorrectly, please call someone on your support team to have them removed.