Quarterly Reports

Please note:

  1. It is the TOR's responsibiity to enter progress data for each goal quarterly and send the report home with the student's report card.
  2. If the student has a finalized IEP, click on Progress Monitoring Wizard (see below) and create the quarterly report.

  3. If the student's IEP has not been finalized the goals for the new IEP will not appear in Progress Monitoring.

  4. If you have not registered the Parent Response as "Accepted" (you will see a blue envelope in front of the student's name) the goals for the new IEP will not appear in Progress Monitoring.

  5. Only goals whose Effective Dates are within the current time frame will appear in Progress Monitoring.

Progress Monitoring Wizard

In order for goals to appear in the wizard:

  • Goals must be in the student's file
  • IEP must be finalized
  • IEP must be accepted by the parent


Progress Monitoring Wizard:

  • You cannot sort the listData Points
  • Use search/find (Control F) to search for student's name
  • Click Add Data points
    • All goals for the student will be displayed
    • Select the goal to add data.
    • Enter the date the data was taken
    • Add your narrative, or if you are using Single Point, you will enter the student's score. There is a place for you to add comments.

To run an individual report:

  • You must enter the beginning and ending dates of the data points that you had entered.
  • You will likely enter the beginning and ending dates of the quarter.
You can print all of your students at the same time by using the Batch Printing feature.

Batch Reports

At the next screen, enter the dates for the beginning and ending of the quarter for which you want to display data, then check the names of each student you are reporting on.

Click Generate Report.

Select Students for Progress Reports

You will find your report on the My Accounts page--> My Reports.


Problem: Progress Monitoring Wizard No Tools Available

You MUST complete Edit Progress Monitoring for the goal

Before you start: Go to Progress Monitoring Wizard to know which goals display the words No Tools Available.

Then follow directions:

  1. Go to IEP Process
  2. Click on Goals Icon
  3. Click Details button of the goal needing to fix
  4. Scroll to Progress Monitoring section and click “Edit Progress Monitoring”
  5. Add the information and click “Add Assessment”
  6. Save
  7. Goal is now accessible in Progress Monitoring Wizard