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When a parent chooses to Home School a student:

  1. Online schools are considered charter schools (their own public school) and the student is NOT considered a homeschooler.  All charter schools are required to provide their own special education services, and write their own IEPs. SBCSC has no IEP or ISP responsibilities.

  2. Students who receive services from ABA are considered Homeschooled, unless they also attend SBCSC for any part of the school day.

  3. The parent should come to the school to complete the withdrawal paperwork. The student will be withdrawn from Power School at the school level. 

  4. The TOR will:

    • Schedule a case conference
    • Make sure the IEP is written as you would offer the services the student needs in an SBCSC school setting.
    • Finalize the IEP.
      • Parents reject FAPE
    • Create an ISP
      • Goals should be written specifically to reflect the services that are being offered.
        • If the parents reject those services, you should delete the goal for that service.
        • If the parent rejects ALL services, write a skills-based goal to reflect the student's current level of need.
      • Services
        • TOR: 1 x 30 / week for preschool, ALL Life Skills and Primary; Consult for IC and HS
        • SLP: 1 x 30 / week
        • OT: 1 x 20 / week
        • PT: 1 x 2 / week
        • Autism Consultant: Consult 1 x/qtr
        • DHH: 1x 30 / week
        • Parents can accept any, all or none of the services we offer them.
        • Provided at SB public school site, based on staff schedule.
        • Do not offer more services in the ISP than you have indicated in the finalized IEP.
      • LRE option should be 56: "Parentally placed in private school", and then specify that the parent has chosen to Home School in the Additional Descriptors box.
    • Submit a Withdrawal Information Sheet to Special Education Services. 
      • Indicate that the student is being home-schooled/attending ABA.
    • Because SBCSC is required to provide services to homeschooled students through an Individual Service Plan (ISP), the Special Education Office will then enroll the homeschooled student in Power School as a "dually enrolled" student. 
    • The student will remain on your CODA list, and you will remain the TOR, and as such, will be required to hold the ACC.

    NOTE: An IEP is only offered ONCE to a homeschooled student. At all subsequent conferences, the ISP can be revised, without recreating the IEP.

Writing an ISP for a homeschooled student who has not been attending SBCSC

You may find that you have a student on your caseload who has been homeschooled, and thus, you have never met the child, and do not know anything about him/her. Here are your responsibilties in that situation:

    1. You must make 2 attempts to schedule the conference before holding the IEP/ISP if a parent does not choose to attend or does not respond.
    2. Since the student is currently not enrolled, you must revise the current IEP/ISP for the student.
    3. If the student has been homeschooled previously, and you do not have any present level information, you should put a statement to that effect in the Present Level section.
    4. Goals: if you do not have any information about progress, current academic levels or needs from the parent, include a general goal addressing the student's area of skill deficit. You may need to use your best judgement in this area.
    5. LRE option should be 56: "Parentally placed in private school", and then specify that the parent has chosen to Home School in the Additional Descriptors box.
    6. Under the File Tab: Check the box "Parent rejects provision of FAPE and has chosen to Home School in the Additional Descriptors box.
    7. The parent must receive a copy of the completed ISP within 10 days after the conference.

If the parent is noncommunicative, you may want to involve your social worker to make a home visit. Parents may also choose to Revoke Services, if they wish to have no further relationship with SBCSC.