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When to write a Service Plan

When to do a new Service Plan:

If the Purpose is Annual. We must offer FAPE every year, so you will need to go back to the IEP, re-enter any services that apply only to the public school setting, and then go through the rejection process outlined below. This must be done for each Annual Case Conference.

However, if the purpose of the conference is a revision, you can just revise the ISP and finalize it again.

We now offer FAPE once, and every year thereafter we write an annual service plan (ISP). So, you no longer have to offer FAPE every year.  However, you should explain to the parent at every annual case conference that they have the right to request/return to FAPE, and should they chose to do so, they just need to notify SBCSC. 

Creating an Initial Service Plan

  1. If you are a school psych or an SLP, complete the Preconference planning and Evaluation Process (Same as IEP) for Initial Purpose.
  2. Complete the IEP, adding Goals and Services the student would receive if attending SBCSC.
  3. On the LRE page, make sure you select the LRE option that would be in place if the student attends an SBCSC school. Do not select Option 56 "Parentally Placed in private school" here (you can do that later, in the ISP)
  4. On the Create IEP page, select that the Parent Rejects FAPE.
    • Print out and have Parent sign at conference.
  5. Finalize the IEP.
    • Rejection of FAPE Notice will be generated.
  6. Reject the IEP through the Response button after the final IEP is created.
    • Click Response under Status
    • Reject the IEP again under the Response
      • This proposed IEP was Rejected
      • Note the date
      • Add note-why?
    • Status will now show as Rejected.
    • If you bypass the rejection of the IEP, you will not be able to finalize an ISP or select annual service plan as the purpose of the conference.  
      • If no, no testing options will disappear
  7. Go to the ISP Process (on the top menu bar, next to IEP Process) and do an ISP
      • Purposes: Initial Service plan, Revise Service Plan, Annual Service Plan
        • Revise or Annual will ask you if the parent has previously rejected FAPE.

      ISP Purpose

    Most fields from IEP will carry over

    • Review each page and click Save and Continue.
    • Make sure the meeting dates and times are updated.
      • ISP Effective Dates will need to be filled in. IEP dates do not carry over.
      • If the parent agrees to revise without a meeting, use the date that you spoke with the parent about the revision as the meeting date.
    • Schedule CCC Meeting Section: New position appears: Non Public School rep- you can enter the name of the non pub principal, or teacher.
    • Transition: If student is transition age and you are writing a Service Plan, you do not need to do a Transition Plan, but you have the option of doing so.
    • State assessments: Is the student's attending school accredited? Accredited
      • If yes, same testing options
      • If no, testing options will disappear
      • If the school is not accredited, you can add any testing accommodations in the Additional Accommodations box.  (If the school is not accredited, you can add the accommodations in the Additional Accommodations box.)
    • Goals
      • Modify this page to reflect the goals which WILL be targeted in the non public setting.
    • Provisions
      • services and accommodations, all transfer over.
      • If the school is not accredited, you can add the accommodations in the Additional Accommodations box.
      • Most of the time, services will be consult only, unless the student will receive speech services.
      • Refer to the services chart to determine what should be offered
    • LRE
      • Only one LRE option:

        LRE in the ISP

      • In the additional descriptors box, no calculations necessary. State that the parent has elected to place the child in a non public or is home schooling.
      • You can enter the name of the school of service for the student. (If the student is in a local Catholic school, search under the Corporation name: Diocese of Fort Wayne)
    • Create ISP
      • Meeting attendees can be selected and added.
      • Create the ISP. It will look like an IEP, but will have a Service Plan Acknowledgment for the parent to sign.
      • There is a Response button again. As parent Accepts, you will select the Accept button and put in the date and notes field.

    Finalize the ISP and accept the final document from the Response Button.

  8. When you are done, add all notes and pertinent signature pages, and send the Finalized Initial IEP AND the ISP to your Support Team to review within 5 days of holding the conference.

Preschool and ISPs:

ISP Conference Paperwork

Services Chart

NOTE: Do not write paraprofessional services into an ISP, even in cases where SBCSC may be providing a para to that school. ONLY write the services that we are bringing into the building as listed below.