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New Teachers--how to Get access to your IEPs:

If you are new to SBCSC, you will need to get your account set up before you can access your students' IEPs. The process for doing this consists of multiple steps:

  1. Create a Learning Connection account.
  2. If you worked in another school district or corporation in Indiana, you should already have an account. DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ONE. You will get the message that your account already exists, and your new account will conflict.

    If you are new to SBCSC and new to Indiana, you need to get an SPN (State Personnel Number). You get that by calling Deb Coombs in Human Resources (393-6069). Once she gives you your number (she can usually give it to you immediately), you will need to wait one day before you can create a Learning Connection account. This is so that your account can be synced with the state database, and all syncing occurs overnight.

Create your Learning Connection account

Each teacher needs to set up an account with the Learning Connection. Accounts can be created at the Learning Connection Website. You will administer your iStar assessments through the Learning Connection, as well as have access to all state testing information.

Begin by clicking the Register button.

LC Login Screen

At the registration screen, select Educator, and No:


Next, enter your personal information:


Check all of the schools that you serve. Your membership at each school you select will be confirmed by a school administrator.


Create your user name and password, using the guidelines on the screen. WRITE THEM DOWN (but not on your chalkboard!)



Now you are finished with your registration. You will receive an e-mail confirming that your registration was submitted.


Check your e-mail, and click on the link in the e-mail to login to the Learning Connection. Your request for membership must be reviewed and verified before it will be approved. The approval will be made by an SBCSC administrator, who will receive notice that you are asking for activation.

wait msg

In some cases, it has taken a day or two for the e-mail to arrive. After you follow the link, make sure you AGREE to the terms and conditions, and you can Login.

Accessing IIEPapp

  1. After your account is created, send an email to Cindy Plank, and she will process the rest of your registration and give you access to the IIEP system.

  2. To access the help manual for filling out your IEPs, please go to the IIEP Online Help Manual. You may also contact any of your Support Team members.

The Indiana Alternative Assessment (formerly iStar) is located under Apps (to the right on the menu bar) If you do not see "Apps", please call Cindy Plank at 393-6119, to have it added.