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What is Link?

IDOE has moved all of its supportive systems to this unified access point. Users will access IIEP via the LINK portal. 

Here is a little more about IDOE Unified Access/LINK initiative.

Here is the new login link:

Please note that you will need to update any bookmarks you have saved on your computer. You will no longer use the Learning Connection. IDOE Login

When you click the above link, you will see this screen:

Click the RED BAR to "Sign in using Google", because our corporation uses the GSuite protocol.

  • Your email should already be in the system, along with all of the schools that you currently have access to.
  • Do not enter your username or password here.
  • You will be taken to another screen, where you will verify your SBCSC address and account.
  • Click Sign In

Please note that "I forgot my IDOE login password" is only there for looks. It will NEVER work. If you have truly forgotten your SBCSC email password, you must call Tech Services (574-393-5970)



At the next screen, you will see apps provided by IDOE.My Apps

Click on the EdPlan tile to go into IIEP.

If you do not see the EdPlan tile, you will need to contact the Special Ed Department to make corrections to your account.






New Accounts

(for new employees or those logging into IIEP for the first time)
  1. Before your account can be set up, you MUST have:
    • an SBCSC email address. Request an SBCSC email account from the IT Department.
    • your SPN
      • If you are a certified teacher, you can find your SPN in the state database.
      • If you are not certified (emergency permit, administrator, etc), you can call Deb Coombs in Human Resources (393-6069).
  2. Use the form below to request the EdPlan access be added to your LINK account. This process may take a day or two.
  3. You should receive an email from when your account has been set up.
  4. If this is the VERY first time you have logged into LINK, log out/log back in 15 minutes later to allow time for the tiles to be assigned.
  5. Your EdPlan account will be created after you click on the EdPlan tile and “land” successfully with no errors.
  6. Respond to the email you were sent or send an email to to inform them that your account has been activated. You will then be given the correct permissions.
  7. Cate Sullivan or any Support Team member will continue to assign schools, permissions, and access to students for users within EdPlan—same as always.
  8. Don’t have the EdPlan tile? Click on the “My Account” area to check the email address that you are logged into (It might just be that you are logged into the wrong Google or Microsoft account). Then, contact your local EdPlan Administrator (EL Admin or IIEP Admin), who will work with the LINK Security Coordinator(s) to add the tile to the correct email.
Additional Resource: LINK User Login Support

Access to an additional school

Use the form below to request access to another school.

NOTE: Please ONLY use this form for new accounts or adding schools.



What to do:

1. I do not see the EdPlan Tile when I login.


  • Make sure you have "My Apps" selected in the left hand column
  • Check to be sure you are logged into your browser with your SBCSC Account. If you are logged into your personal account, you will not be able to log in to IIEP.
  • if you are a new user, fill in the form below.
  • Call the Special Education Department at 574-393-6119

2. When I get into IIEP, my caseload is missing

Contact the special ed department at 574-393-6119 (This is usually caused by a mismatch with your email address)