Software Download

This mileage software can be used to calculate and print out your mileage between most SBCSC buildings. Bendix Bldg, JJC, MC4C and the Service Building have been added. You can also enter destinations manually. Please note that these additions will have to be manually re-entered each time you upgrade or re-download the software.

Mileage for MacOSX

file size is 46.6 MB


Download for Mac

(Updated 8/18/2015)

Click on the link above to download the file. This is linked to a Public Dropbox folder, and one of the options you will see is "Download". Click to download.

Now locate the downloaded file. It may be located in your Downloads folder, or on your desktop, depending on how your computer is set up. The file will be in .zip format. To exapnd the file, double click it. A folder named Mileage will be created. You may now discard the .zip file.

Open the Mileage folder and double click the file "Mileage Solution" DO NOT remove the files from the Mileage Folder.

If your MacBook Air tells you it will not open the file because it was downloaded from the internet, go to --> System Preferences--> Security & Privacy--> General. Check the box in the bottom section of the window to tell your laptop to open the file anyway. You will not need to repeat this process.

Due to changes in the Apple operating system, there is another glitch you will encounter. This problem will be fixed eventually, but for now, here is the workaround:

When you open the software, you will get the message: "The primary file “Form” cannot be found and is required for this application.” Click OK, and a new window will open. When this happens, the software wants you to find the file “Form” which is in the Mileage Solution folder. Navigate to the Mileage Solution Folder, and open Form.USR. The software should open correctly. You will need to repeat this step every time you open the software.

Some people have reported problems downloading from the above link. If you are still unable to download or open the software, please email Lu to ask for help.

If you are encountering the problem where the software quits repeatedly after each entry, your files were likely installed from another source (likely a flash drive). You should reinstall from the above link to resolve this issue.

Mileage for Windows

file size is 18.2 MB


Download for Windows

(Updated 12/12/2006)

Click on the link above to download the Windows software. Double click the file to unzip it after download. Read each dialog box as you unzip. When you see "Unzip to folder:" select Browse, and then select Desktop. This will help you find your folder after the unzipping is complete.