Completing your Mileage Form

This mileage form can be used to calculate and print out your mileage between most SBCSC buildings. Bendix Bldg, JJC, MC4C and the Service Building have been added. You can also enter destinations manually. Please note that these additions will have to be manually re-entered each time you make a new copy of the Google Sheet.

December 16, 2020- New Mileage Form

Well guess what? It is time for a new approach to the Mileage form. If you are still running the old Mileage software, it is time to give it up for dead. It will no longer work with the new MacBooks and more current IOS versions.

However, we do have a new solution for you:

Mileage Sheet

works right in Google Sheets- no need for new software.

Click the link above, make a copy of the sheet, and please read the instructions before you start.

Happy trails!