Placement into a site with Autism Resource services

The South Bend Community School Corporation Office of Special Education Services has designated classrooms to be used solely as an Autism Resource classroom staffed by an Autism Resource teacher.  These are not designed to be self-contained classrooms where students with Autism Spectrum Disorder receive all of their services in a day.  The classroom can be used for resource services during the course of the student’s day.   

Criteria for placement into an Autism Resource Classroom

The following criteria and components need to be in place for a student to be considered for placement in the Autism Resource Room.

  • Eligibility of Autism Spectrum Disorder by South Bend Community School Corporation Multidisciplinary Team.
  • Ability to work on state academic standards with appropriate accommodations/modifications.
  • Deficits in communication, behavior and social interaction significantly interfere with functioning.
  • Support from cross-categorical and/or paraprofessional staff has been insufficient to allow student to be successful in a general education setting.

Autism Resource Room Placement protocol

  • The student being considered for the Autism Resource Class must be observed by the Autism Resource Teacher and/or the receiving Autism Consultant.

  • A staffing must be held prior to a case conference.        

  • Participants must include: Current Teacher of Record, Teacher of Service, Autism Resource Classroom Teacher, Autism Consultant, receiving and building Administrator. Staff who provide other services (i.e. OT, PT, SLP, CAT, etc) may also be included.

  • Staffing must include a data driven discussion of:
    • Academic
    • Communication
    • Social and
    • Behavioral needs
  • Current Behavior Intervention Plan.

  • Outcomes of strategies, accommodations and modifications that have been implemented.

  • If placement into the Autism Resource Classroom is being recommendation, a case conference will be convened.

  • Current Teacher of Record will schedule case conference.

  • Placement determination is a case conference decision.