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Case Conference Committee Considerations

The committee needs to consider:

  • The strengths of the student and the concerns of the parent for enhancing the education of the student.
  • The results and educational implications of the initial or most recent educational evaluation and other assessments of the student, including outside evaluations, medical reports, etc.
  • Strategies, including positive behavioral interventions and supports, to address a student’s behavior that impedes his or her learning or that of others.
  • The language needs of a student with limited English proficiency, as those needs relate to the student’s individualized education program.
  • The communication needs of the student, and in the case of a student who is deaf or hard of hearing, consider the student’s language and communication needs, opportunities for direct communications with peers and professional personnel in the student’s language and communication mode, academic level, and full range of needs, including opportunities for direct instruction in the student’s language and communication mode.
  • The student’s need for assistive technology devices and services.
  • As appropriate, the results of the student’s performance on any general statewide or local assessments.
  • Any expected progress toward the annual goals and progress in the general curriculum, if appropriate.
  • Instruction in Braille and the use of Braille for a student who is blind or has low vision.

Diploma or Certificate of Completion?

Accommodations Involving Audio Recording and Assistive Technology

Under federal and state law, the School Corporation is obligated to ensure that individuals with disabilities are not discriminated against or denied the opportunity to participate in any of the School Corporation's programs.  At times, individuals with disabilities may require the use of an audio recording device or other assistive technology in order to participate in a program or meeting that is offered or conducted by the School Corporation.  When an individual notifies a staff member of the need for such an accommodation, School Corporation personnel are expected to notify a building administrator, honor the accommodation, and perform his or her School Corporation duties in the normal course.  If there are questions about the appropriateness of such an accommodation or the use of particular technology, School Corporation personnel are expected to address those questions to an administrator.

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

The case conference committee shall ensure that a student with a disability is educated with students without disabilities to the maximum extent appropriate.  A student with a disability shall not be removed from the general education classroom unless it can be documented that the student cannot achieve satisfactorily, even with supplemental aids and services or solely because modifications are needed in the general curriculum. 

The student shall attend the home school with chronological aged peers unless the IEP requires a more restrictive placement.  The same non-academic and extracurricular activities available to non-disabled students must also be available to students with disabilities. 

The student with disabilities may participate in vocational education, art, music, family and consumer sciences, field trips, lunch, recess, athletics, graduation ceremonies, etc. if appropriate. 

Related services should also be delivered in the least restrictive setting.  Services to students with different disabilities may also be provided at the same time and in the same setting.

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