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Enrollment Procedure for Special Education Students

Students with special needs who are transferring/enrolling from outside of SBCSC require a number of forms not included in the regular enrollment process.  The regular enrollment process includes:

  • Registration form
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Proof of residence
  • Library ID application
  • Emergency card
  • Home language/ work survey (out of state enrollment)
  • Free and Reduced Lunch form

In addition to the forms listed above, the following Special Education forms need to be completed when the student with a disability (including speech therapy) enrolls from anywhere (including charter, non-public, public, and out-of-state schools).

At no time should a student be denied enrollment in school while waiting to confirm his/her eligibility for special education services.
Enrollment Procedure

**The School Psychologist  or SLP must review every newly enrolled special education student’s psychological or speech evaluation report to ensure that all assessment components are consistent with Indiana requirements, and to ensure that the appropriate eligibility is documented.   The school psychologist or SLP may recommend additional assessment; however, this should not delay the provision of special education and related services

Move-In Conference
  • Per Indiana Article 7, for a student with a verified disability, a case conference must be held not later than 10 school days after verification of his/her special education eligibility from outside of the school district.   
  • The Special Education Support Team member can assist with the Move-In Conferences at the buildings.
  • How to write a Move In Conference

The Teacher of Record immediately sends the following items to Special Education Services for entry into CODA and tagging in Power School: