Placement of Students in a Life Skills Classroom

It is strongly encouraged that the following interventions/strategies be implemented as part of the building level staffing process PRIOR TO CONSIDERING/RECOMMENDING Life Skills:  
Criteria for placement into Life Skills

The following criteria must be met for placement in Life Skills:

Placement protocol

Students who meet all of the above criteria may be placed into a Life Skills classroom with consultation of the Life Skills Coordinator for designation of the school to attend based on classroom numbers and location.  

Students who do not meet all of the above criteria may still be considered for LIfe skills placement but must conform to the following protocol:  

  1. The student being considered for the Life Skills must be observed by a Support Team member.  

  2. A staffing must be held prior to a case conference to determine if Life Skills is an appropriate placement. Staffing must include a data driven discussion of:

    • Academic, communication, social and behavioral needs, including a Behavior Intervention Plan, if indicated

    • Outcomes of strategies, accommodations and modifications that have been Implemented.

  3. The Life Skills Coordinator will be contacted and a copy of the IEP and supporting documentation will be sent for review/approval to make sure criteria is met and determine final placement school.

  4. Case Conference convened

    • Participants should include: Current Teacher of Record, Teacher of Service, Support Team member, receiving building Administrator, potential receiving teacher and staff who provides other services (i.e. OT, PT, SLP, CAT, etc)

    • Current Teacher of Record will schedule case conference.

    • Placement determination is a case conference decision.