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Who can be a Teacher of Record?

A Teacher of Record (TOR) is assigned to each eligible special education student by the Special Education Department based on the student’s exceptionality area(s) and the teacher’s special education certification.  A TOR will have a list of students for whom they have been assigned.  The TOR student lists are periodically sent to each teacher as students are added and deleted throughout the year.

You may have students on your TOR list that you do not see regularly, because you are licensed in that student's primary disability, but another teacher is delivering services. You will need to monitor that student. “Not having the student in class” is never an excuse for failure to fulfill your responsibilities as TOR.

There are many responsibilities for the Teacher of Record.  The main points are covered quarter by quarter.  In addition, the procedures (available on-line) of the special education department must be followed.  The role of TOR is a responsibility that must be taken seriously.  The TOR is required to oversee the implementation of the IEP as it is written.  Changes in the IEP may only be made through the case conference procedure.

TOR Responsibilities
  • Notifying teachers’ of service of IEP requirements (accommodations, modifications, behavior intervention plan, etc.)
    • Complete Training Verification for all IEPs
    • Print IEP at a Glance for each students and distribute to all teachers.
  • Monitoring and facilitating the implementation of all IEPs in all settings.
  • Planning and conducting all assigned student’s case conference committee meetings
  • Regular communication with students’ parents regarding progress and problems
  • Completing quarterly reports on IEP goals and objectives
  • Conducting Move-In conferences when needed.
  • Completing Special Education Department Enrollment and Withdrawal forms when a student enters or exits the school.
  • Tracking disciplinary consequences, specifically suspensions so as not to exceed 10 days

School Year At a Glance

Prior to the start of school:

During the first few days of school:

Throughout the School Year:

For each Grading Period

TOR Forms/Tools