SNAP (Special Needs and Abilities Preschool) is a preschool program for students who qualify for special education services following a multidisciplinary team evaluation.  Educational services are offered for students between the ages of 3-5.

After the student is determined to be eligible a case conference meeting is held and an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) is developed.  The IEP identifies individual goals/objectives and services to be provided. The SNAP program focuses on providing students opportunities to develop skills necessary to transition to kindergarten.  

The provision of services is determined through the case conference committee (which includes parents) and varies depending on the individual needs of the student.  Students are served in the least restrictive environment as appropriate.  Related services may also be provided and could include speech/language, physical and/or occupational therapy.

SNAP Coordinator: Sybil Snyder (574-393-6250) You may also call the Special Ed Office at 574-393-6119.