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Transition describes the process by which a student moves from school to work and adult life in the community.

It begins with a high school program that helps the student develop functional skills for community living and provides work training in real jobs.

Transition is successful when the person enters employment or post-secondary education, lives as independently as possible, and enjoys leisure time activities with a group of friends. 

Good luck on your journey. May your challenges be met successfully and may your desired destination be reached with your vision for your future clearly in mind.

(Hamilton-Boone-Madison Special Services Cooperative, 2000/2001)

You can print the pages of this manual individually by clicking each tab, and then printing*. If you want a paper copy of the manual, please ask your (student's) Teacher of Record. While we attempt to keep the paper manual as current as possible, this online version will have the most current information.

*please note printing guidelines in the page header